A proven educational program

Canine education

The dogs are accustomed to aspects they may encounter during future visits: wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, slippery hospital floors, slamming doors, sudden screams, people in unusual dress, unusual body movements. The dogs accept being touched everywhere - even in an uncoordinated or unpredictable manner. They learn not to bark, to accept being held on a leash by a stranger, to accept a treat with good manners, and much more.

Educational program for owners

The human half of the future therapy dog team learns wheelchair etiquette, communication with those who are hard of hearing, with dementia and stroke patients, as well as those with visual impairment and blindness. Also hygienic aspects, for example zoonoses, are explained. Optimal presentation of the therapy dog is also demonstrated so those visited may enjoy having their desire for communication met. Empathy and communication skills are also developed.